Cloud Email / Spam Filtering

Reduce Costs, Manage Complexity, Mitigate Risk.  GWAVA Cloud Messaging Security makes your email servers more secure, compliant, and productive. Spam is blocked before it reaches the end-user’s inbox, thus eliminating wasted time spent on unwanted and possibly dangerous email.

Email threats such as viruses, worms, and phishing scams are eradicated before they reach your organisation. This helps to ensure that confidential and proprietary information remains safe. You can also assign email security policies to maintain legal and regulatory compliance for both inbound and outbound email access.

The GWAVA ICAP interface provides the ability to monitor, filter, and block internet traffic. Protect your organisation from inappropriate content, data leakage, malicious content and productivity loss. This interface features content filtering for incoming and outgoing internet traffic, including URL filtering, social media, and search filtering.

Multi-tiered Protection — Multiple scanning engines with “zero-hour” anti-virus updates immediately protect messages from up to-the-minute attacks.

  • Robust Content Filtering – Subject, header, body, Raw MIME, finger printing, attachment, IP.
  • Multiple-engine anti-virus – Signature, SURBL, RBL, IP Reputation, SPF.
  • Zero-hour live protection – Live hourly updates to ensure protection from mutating viruses.
  • DOS/DDOS protection – Protect your mail system from attacks to the SMTP and ensure that your system stays up and running.

Message Management — Identify immediate threats and security holes while maximizing user productivity and messaging capabilities.

  • Surveillance – Monitor sensitive personal communications (i.e. SS#, CC#, etc.) with rule-based notification and reporting.
  • Statistics & Reports – Create reports for IT administrators and C-level management.
  • Quarantine & Digest – Provide end-user access to quarantine and daily digest thus maximising employee productivity.

Rapid Deployment – Reduce implementation costs by simply pointing your messaging servers to GWAVA Cloud Security Services and you are up and running.

  • Pre-defined Protection Packages – Use our pre-set rules for maximum protection and customize as you go.
  • Award Winning Support – 24×7 access to GWAVA certified technicians.
  • Scalable access – On demand availability of server and network usage.