General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), countdown to May

Greenfrog Computing are pleased to announce a date for our 5th GDPR seminar of 2017.

On 24th January 2018 we open our doors to friends both old and new to discuss the GDPR legislation in detail.

Joining us for the event are close partners and friends Liam Kenealy (Spencers Solicitors) and Rob Fearnley (ESET)

Liam is Head of Employment Law at Spencers Solicitors.  I asked him why he feels the need to educate on GDPR? “A lot of the focus regarding GDPR is understandably on technology and ensuring data is stored securely, but just as important is that people understand what is required of them when handling individual’s personal data. Quite a few of the cases the ICO deal with are down to human error or companies not having policies in place, that could have prevented a breach.

ESET are our premier data security partner and are major social influences on the subject.

Rob Fearnley (ESET) is an engaging public speaker and hes been travelling the UK speaking at GDPR seminars for the last 18 months.  He tells some cracking data security stories which will have you thinking and laughing at the same time.

Spencers Solicitors and GDPR

The GDPR requires a combination of actions for your business.  Liam Kenealy can help you understand what policies and procedures you need to update or introduce.  The GDPR has a very high standard for things like privacy statements and consent at the point of data collection.  His knowledge and technical know how will almost certainly give you the information you need to continue your journey to compliance.

Spencers Solicitors have a great story to tell about their own GDPR journey.  They conducted an internal information audit in line with the ICO guidance and the results were very interesting.  I won’t steal their thunder though, I will leave it for the seminar.

Following the seminar Liam will be sticking around to discuss any specific questions you have.  It’s impossible in a morning to fully cover the legislation in its entirety, so Liam will be happy to organise consultative one to one’s with anyone that attends.  It’s also difficult sometimes to ask questions in public so these one to one’s give you the opportunity to go into detail in an environment that suits you.

Training Room GDPR

Liam GDPR Training


ESET are data security experts and offer insight into the world of the bad guys.  What are they looking for? How are they targeting us? Why are they targeting us? What can we do to protect ourselves?

The world of data security is a different place to when The Data Protection Directive was introduced in 1995.

Rob Fearnley will discuss how encryption plays a small but important part in compliance and discuss the potential penalties if you suffer a data breach.

The key thing here is avoiding a data breach.  Rob speaks at length about best practice and the do’s and don’ts to give you something of value to take away.

Following the event Rob will be staying to answer any specific questions you have and can arrange site visits if necessary.

Greenfrog Computing and GDPR

I help to keep the seminar together and will introduce GDPR.  The IT industry is full of jargon and my job is to humanise the content and help you understand it.

A key part of the seminar for me is putting some context to GDPR and ensuring the terminology is clear.

I also discuss other technologies and behaviours which can help you prepare.  Have a read of my last blog to give you more of an understanding in preparation.

Greenfrog HQ GDPR

GDPR Seminar

Attend the seminar

If you’ve read this far you might like to know how to sign up for the seminar.

The link to the event can be found here

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we hope to see you soon in Chesterfield.