Full IT Support Services

Choosing your IT Support partner is an important business decision.  If you get it right you can expect a lifelong IT support partner.  If you get it wrong, you can waste many hours of lost productivity and potentially put your business at risk.

It’s a tough decision, especially when so many businesses seem to offer the same thing.

Our customer journey is designed to make sure that our businesses are compatible before you make your choice.

How do we do this?

Firstly we have a chat on the phone and most importantly make sure we get on.  A good working relationship forms the base of any successful partnership; the better we get on, the longer we will work together. 

When we’re both happy with the introductions we like to know why you’re looking for IT support?  What problems do you have that need solving? How is your IT provision not meeting the needs of your business?  Once we’re sure we can solve your problems we will move to the next part of the sales process, the network health check.

The Network Health Check is a two hour review of your operations, looking at both the technology and human behaviours that drive your business towards its goals.

It’s an opportunity for our businesses to confirm compatibility and ensure our interests are mutual.

We collate our findings and aim to have your proposal back to you within 48 hours.

What happens then?

If you decide that IT support with Greenfrog Computing is the right fit for your business, we will start resource planning.  By the time your notice is served with the incumbent we will be in a position to take over, seamlessly.

IT Support with Greenfrog gives you unlimited remote access to the helpdesk.

Our target for answering incoming IT Support calls is 10 seconds, and to have a resolution within 15 minutes.

For the more complex issues and for critical outages we will send an engineer as soon as possible. We work within a 90 minute radius so the chances of an engineer within 2 hours is extremely high.

As part of your IT Support experience we include a certain amount of proactive site visits.  The number of these visits is linked to the size of your network.

e.g A business has 1 server and 35 PC’s.  They will receive 11 proactive site visits per annum.  Nearly always the amount of proactive site visits is enough to cover all your needs.

We will monitor your network activity in the background and deliver a detailed report at suitable intervals.