Bespoke Programming

Do you want your software to do things your way?  Are you using spreadsheets rather than a Database which will analyse the data for you?  Or perhaps you need that extra something from your I.T. systems?  If so, then you need a bespoke program from Greenfrog Computing!  We will examine your current business model and custom build programs which do exactly what you need, suiting the way your company works. With a bespoke system, the answer is always “YES”.  You tell us what you want and we build it.  The Greenfrog approach provides a simplistic interface that is easy to use (behind which is a powerful and complex system which does all the work!!).

We take time to understand your business to ensure the resulting program is a true asset to profitability.

Our current systems cover the following areas and more:

    • Customer relationship management
    • Enquiry tracking
    • Sales forecasting
    • Advertising tracking
    • Works order analysis
    • Stock control
    • Bill of materials
    • Customer care