I.T. Support Options

We have two schemes, the first of which is the VOUCHER SCHEME (Pay As You Go).

This is the most cost effective for the SMALLER ORGANISATION (probably an Organisation with less than 5 PC’s/Laptops, and/or a Company using straightforward computer programs) where you don’t have that many occasions when you need to contact us with problems.

There is NO FIXED MONTHLY CHARGE – instead you simply buy a block of vouchers (in ¼ hr units) and use them as and when you need to.
These vouchers are sold in blocks of 16. This gives you 4 hours of Greenfrog support time as Remote Dial-in and Telephone Help Desk time. The vouchers can be used at any time within a 2 year period.

The scheme DOES NOT include any SCHEDULED SITE VISITS but you can, of course, use multiple vouchers to pay for any site visit should one be needed.

If you are a LARGER ORGANISATION (which usually means more than – say – 5 PC’s) and/or you use more complex computer programs – then you probably need I.T. SUPPORT/ASSISTANCE and GUIDANCE more frequently. If that is the case then a GREENFROG I.T. SUPPORT – CONTRACT SCHEME may well be the best choice for you.
As part of the CONTRACT SCHEME you receive a complimentary INITIAL SITE VISIT (which allows us to ensure your systems are all in good order); you also receive a number of ROUTINE SITE VISITS over the year.
You also receive UNLIMITED OFF-SITE TELEPHONE and DIAL-IN support.


The first of these is the UNIT RATE CONTRACT:
This provides you with all the support as listed above including unlimited Help-Desk and remote dial-in support. In addition – if CALL-OUT VISITS are needed (to fix any particularly complicated problem)

The second option is our PEACE OF MIND CONTRACT:
This fixes your costs (so it includes any necessary call out visits) and it also gives you PREMIER CLIENT STATUS – which guarantees priority response should you call with any problem.

The cost options for each of these Contract Schemes is calculated based upon your total number of PC’s, laptops and Servers.