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Project Management

We work with leading brands and products which puts us in a very enviable position in the market, enabling us to provide a huge variety of software & hardware options. Our portfolio consists of Microsoft Azure & the full suite of Office 365 and Exchange online variants, 3CX Telephony systems & ESET Antivirus and Security products but also includes custom programs, such as Laravel based online CRM systems modifiable to your specifications, and completely custom developments built from the ground up.

What is IT Project Management?

IT project management is planning, scheduling, delivery, monitoring and reporting IT projects to completion. The Project in question can be varying in nature, typically revolving around an upgrade or change for security, performance or space requirements. Depending on scale and how much involvement you would like, GFC can do or assist in the following elements: Creating a plan, assigning responsibilities, managing the team, budgeting/costing the project, assigning deadlines, communication, documentation and delivery.

What would I use it for?

IT Project Management can be crucial to make a new business purchase or move a success.  Greenfrog can assist you to increase your flexibility by migrating your working environment to the cloud, as well as prove your comitment to customer data security by gaining a IT Security certification for example. These are all things we have done for our clients before, and we have case studies we can share with you.  A relationship with Greenfrog can be invaluable with cases like this to make sure things go smoothly in order to make the most of your new investment.  We are equally happy to assist internal IT teams to do this, or handle this entirely on your behalf.


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