Tech Tip – Using New Privacy Controls on Amazon Echo

If you have an Amazon Echo smart speaker at home or in the office (which could be both if you are working at home) here’s how to protect your privacy using the newly introduced privacy controls.

Amazon’s smart speakers take voice recordings and until recently users could choose to delete them after 2 or 18 months.  Here’s how to set the latest privacy controls so that recordings are not taken at all.

– Open the Alex app on your phone.

– Tap on ‘More’ (bottom right).

– Tap on ‘Settings’ > ‘Alexa Privacy’.

– Tap on ‘Manage Your Alexa Data’.

– Toggle ‘Automatically delete recordings’ to ‘On’.

– Click on ‘Don’t save recordings’.

You will notice that you are still given the options to save recordings (for 3 or 18 months), and the default option of ‘save recordings until I delete them’.