What our clients say about us…

“Dear Ethan, I would like to express my thanks to you for the help and support I recently received. When I recently took on a new contract I needed to carry out the project on and Apple computer as opposed to Windows. I was unable to do this as my Apple Mac Air (which had only been used twice since purchasing) had an issue which stopped me uploading updates. Without the updates I could not download programmes to help me with the new project. Having tried everything, I really believed I would need to purchase a new one . Thanks to your patience and perseverance that did not have to happen as you managed to remove the initial issue and update the laptop to the level I needed. This saved me in excess of £2000 and allowed me to start the project. I cannot thank you enough and would highly recommend your services to my clients (the ones you are not already working with!). Kind Regards,”

Dawn, Greenfrog customer.

“Dear Marcus I am writing to you today to say thank you for the excellent and professional service, and smooth process working with you. Being a sole trader and working from a few devises, and mainly relying on one MacBook with cloud backup and its hard drive I knew I was not backing up my files, that were important to me, client case notes, marketing materials, blogs, testimonials I have received to list as few of the documents I work with each day. I have an external hard drive that I realised I had used as a backup twice in 2022! I had a meeting with you and within an hour I was signed up and backed up with your back up system, which daily sends me a notification; back up successful or failed, the failures are due to me not having had my laptop on at the time and I can then with a few simple clicks start a backup myself. Your back up system is easy to use and gives me the peace of mind I need and one less concern, thank you. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my family, friends, clients, my suppliers, and other business owners who would also benefit from the experience I am having working with you. Kind regards”

Sarah-Jane, Greenfrog customer.

“Speaking to Marcus was really eye-opening about what we can do to improve our IT without outlaying a few thousand on hardware, which before we would have done without thinking twice.  Greenfrog’s project management from Ethan & Marcus was exceptional, it was done quickly within a normal working day with minimal interruption – and no issues at all, just plugged in and copied files and that was it. They kept us informed throughout the setup process as well so we knew exactly what to expect when the change to the cloud happened”

Charlotte, Greenfrog customer.

“My experience of working with Greenfrog is a long standing one and extends to 8 years now. They developed our bespoke database and run all other IT services at my company Cedar Tree. The support we receive is outstanding with quick response times. They take careful care to develop systems that are ‘easy to use’ and understand and bespoke to our requirements. I would and have recommended Greenfrog Computing to anyone that is looking for an IT company that delivers fast, raliable and professional services. Greenfrog has been a great tribute to my business and the relationship we have Greenfrog Computing I know will extend for many years to come.”

Richard, Greenfrog customer.

“I confirm that I have dealt with Greenfrog Computing since 2007, during which time they have provided my company with excellent support in the areas website development, site optimisation and site submission, also general IT Support with hardware & software & business critical support has been second to none. Their work has been a major factor in our website’s success, helping it to become an important marketing resource for our business. I can confidently recommend Greenfrog Computing as a solid and reliable supplier.”

Chris, Greenfrog customer.

“We have worked together with Greenfrog for many years now. The professionalism and expertise has been nothing short of outstanding. Great work Greenfrog!”

Jason, Greenfrog customer.

“We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors and Valuers. The practice covers a wide catchment area and as such the partners have limited time for day to day office and IT administration. The business suffer from weekly network failures, which our IT providers were unable to overcome and it was for this reason that wa approached Greenfrog. Greenfrog suggested the installation of a server with new computers for the employees and a laptop and remote access provision for the partners. The installation was undertaken promptly and without undue disturbance to our normal business operations.
We have continued to retain Greenfrog to maintain and support our system and where minor problems or failures have occurred they attended promptly and resolved the situation to our satisfaction. Like most other business, ours relies on maintainable computer, network, email and internet provision and since our involvement with Greenfrog we have had no interruption to this. Thier contribution to the business is reliable and positive and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Clive, Greenfrog customer.

“I would sincerely like to thank you for helping me out in my hour of need. I had updated my virus software and it caused my computer to freeze and lock me out. After a few moments of panic, I remembered what to do, so I turn my computer on and off. I even took the battery out. This had no effect. The only way to resolve the problem was to get professional help. This is when, I thought of Greenfrog Computing, I phoned Marcus. He invited me to go straight down, to his office and he would take a look. Marcus made me feel very welcome, made me a drink and sorted out the computer problem. The amazing thing was this happened just a few days before christmas. Most business would have told me to come in the new year. However Marcus made time, to help me. I have nothing but praise for his service and company.”

Philip, Greenfrog customer.