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The benefits of bundling your IT services with one company, Greenfrog Computing

Simplify and improve your businesses IT with our Minimum Standard IT Support bundle. Combining the most important products and services required of modern IT in one easy to understand and administer model. One charge times the number of supported users, all your IT requirements.

With IT Security being the high priority it is now we feel we have a duty of care for our customers to be a leader in protecting and their customers. With that in mind, we looked at what is important for our customers in terms of security upgrades – and the easiest way for them to get access to all these products, and that’s through making it a requirement of our IT Support agreements and bundling this together. Security X Support.

It’s easier for you to now administer your billing, add or remove user counts, and it’s keeping you secure & legal. Not to mention – if purchasing the elements individually before, you’re now making a significant saving using our bundled billing approach.

Remembering everything we do is with our ethos of improving your business and work-life balance through modern IT Solutions – our bundle also includes the core of any modern IT environment – Microsoft 365 and a cloud working environment.

Depending on what on-premises setup is already in place and it’s expected remaining lifespan, we will either supply in the bundle 365 Business Standard or Business Premium. If there is a benefit to replacing the existing setup and moving to a full cloud environment, we will advocate for upgrading to Business Premium for access to Microsoft Intune & Entra. Data transfers and cloud migration costs are included as part of the bundle.

What’s included in the ‘Minimum Standard’?
– IT Support & Management.
– 24/7 Monitored Anti-Virus with Zero Day patching.
– Office 365 Realtime monitoring & our 7-layer security package.
– Business Grade Email Spam Filter.
– Cloud Backup Solution.
– Microsoft 365 subscription (Standard or Premium)
– DMARC, SPF & DKIM Implementation.

For customers who need it, the following additional services can be rolled into this:
– End User Cyber Training
– On Premise to Cloud/Premise backup.
– 24/7 IT Support (out of hours)
– Encrypted Password Manager.

Outside of the bundles, we also offer 3CX VoIP Telephony, Broadband, Networking, document management software, Microsoft Azure services including application hosting & cloud VMs, Microsoft Power BI, custom CRM solutions & Cyber Essentials accreditations. All of which can be rolled into monthly billing structures.

Simplify your IT and billing, improve your business, work-less and more effectively. IT that’s truly ribbiting.

Start your journey today, contact us on 01246 520000 and at sales@greenfrogcomputing.co.uk.